Campbell High School

Campbell High School is located 5 miles Northwest of Downtown Atlanta. It is located on a rectangular campus in Smyrna, Georgia. It is part of the Cobb County School District. Campbell High School implemented the IB Diploma Program in 1997, serving as a magnet school for the Cobb County School District. CHS is located in Cobb County, a suburb of Atlanta. 5265 Ward St SE, Smyrna, GA 30080



Atlanta Suburb


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McDaniel Stadium (refurbished with new artificial turf and other amenities in the Fall of 2010), sits at the rear of the school. It runs parallel to the connected back parking lot and Bus Port, which functions as the practice field for the Spartan Marching Band in the Fall. Across Ward Street from the Main Office are the tennis courts and practice fields, as well as athletic fields for both softball and baseball.


Smyrna Population: 53,829 School Ethnicity: Hispanic: 33.9% / American Indian: 0.2% / Asian: 4.1% / Black: 41.5% / Pacific Islander: 0.1% / White: 16.2% / Tow or More Races: 3.9%. Median Household Income: $62,363 Median Age: 34.7


Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Band


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