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Park Advertising Banner Program

• LSM Sales team will sell 5x3, 6x4, or 8x4 on field sponsorship banners at your park to local and regional businesses
• LSM pays property a flat rate for each banner to be installed for 12 months on the field
• LSM will list property on website and actively sell your property to corporate businesses

Featured Partner Program

• LSM prospects, contracts, fulfills, and processes payments for all contracted sponsors
• Dedicated sales professional focuses on local, regional and national companies
• Property listing shows at top of search results
• Provide suggested sponsorship package
• Installs all banners at park
• Secures renewals of current sponsors
• Profit share with the park with no upfront costs
• Provides monthly accounting statements

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Park Advertising Banner Program

Local businesses want to advertise and support local parks and sports programs.

Local parks and sports programs appreciate the financial support that businesses provide when they buy banners that hang on the fields at the park.

LSM creates listings on its proprietary website describing local parks and their locations.  Local businesses (and often times regional businesses) are always looking for ways to advertise while supporting youth sports so they visit LSM to see if there are opportunities in their local area.

LSM creates a listing of the park/sports program for the LSM website that describes your local park.  The goal is to attract businesses that want to advertise and support your park by purchasing a banner than can be hung at the park. 

The most common sizes of banners are 5×3, 6×4, and 8×4.  Each banner costs a different amount depending upon the size.

LSM will post the local park on the LSM website for a local business to view.

In that listing local businesses can choose which size of banner they want to purchase and hang at your park.

LSM will collect the funds from the local business, work with the local business to get their logo and artwork, and purchase and deliver the banner to the local park.  When LSM delivers the local business’ banner, it will also give that local park a check for the advertising/sponsorship.  The local park will hang that business’s banner at its park for 12 months.

LSM will post on its website a list of local parks from which a business may choose to purchase one or more banners to advertise and support youth sports.

The local (or regional business) will pay LSM one fee for the purchase of one or more banners and LSM will handle all other details. 

LSM will receive from the local business its logo and artwork for a banner.  LSM will manage the entire banner design process, including placement of the logo and any other desired wording.  LSM will manage all banner printing costs, including delivery of the banner to the park.   LSM will send a check to the park for the local business’ banner and confirm with the park that the banner has been hung (and will continue to be hung at the park for 12 months).

East Side Baseball has benefitted greatly from our sponsor partnership with LSM, exceeding our expectations. They have nearly filled all our outfield fences with sponsor banners. Not only has this been financially successful for us, but I hear many positive comments on how great the park looks with so many colorful outfield banners.
Tod Cushman
East Side Baseball Association

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Property FAQ

Founded in March of 2017, Craig Herrick combined his background in collegiate sponsorships and corporate sales to solve a need he saw in his own community. Craig combined his passions for sports and background in sales to create a business that helped raise funds for local youth and high school sports programs. After securing properties in Cobb County, it quickly became apparent that the need for funding across amateur sports was much larger than expected and the desire for corporate brands to connect on a personal level to a hyper-focused market, was a perfect match.
Since then, LSM has grown to be the local leader in successfully raising funds for passionate youth and high school sports communities by connecting 250+ local and national brands with amateur sport associations across the metro-Atlanta area.
  • Prospect, contractfulfill, and process payments for all contracted sponsors
  • Provides a suggested sponsorship package that has proven to work
  • Installs all banners at the park and provides proof of fulfillment to sponsors
  • Secures renewals of current sponsors

LSM works with youth park associations, high schools, tournament companies, cities, and counties.

The price of sponsorship packages is determined by the number of impressions at the property and the threshold that businesses can support.

No upfront fees!

LSM profit shares with the property is 50/50 split revenue and 50/50 split expenses

  • Collect all the money due by way of credit card, check, or ACH
    • Payments from sponsors can be received lump sum, quarterly, and monthly
  • Pay for fulfillment upfront
  • Provide a monthly report of all payments collected and new contracts as well as expenses incurred
  • Mail the property a check for your profit share