Advertising sells. Sponsorship delivers.

If advertising is a marketing investment that sells product, sports sponsorship is a portfolio choice that pays. Sponsorship delivers ROI value that can be measured in more than numbers, so it has the power to improve more than one bottom line.

Sports Sponsorship: Advertising with Impact

Supporting sports programs with advertising dollars makes a positive impact on communities, and consumers do business with companies they like. It’s a grassroots approach to marketing that builds loyalty for your brand while building your corporate reputation for giving back.

What's our strategy?

We make it simple.
By aggregating sponsorship opportunities at the collegiate, high school, and youth sports levels, Legends Sports Media makes it easy for advertisers to customize and purchase sponsorship packages online.

We do our homework.
Focusing on four core industries – Banking, Restaurant, Automotive, and Retail – we provide a holi stic snapshot of relevant market data so you can make an educated decision on sponsorship opportunities.

We build relationships.
Because we cultivate relationships with the sports programs and advertisers we serve, we’re experts at matching brands with the properties that fit their needs best.

We think big.
Legends Sports Media’s network of properties is constantly growing, so we give brands the ability to reach a larger target audience, with pinpoint accuracy, on a broad scale.

We promote community.
Sponsorship is a powerful grassroots marketing tool, and we help companies use it to build both loyalty for their brands and a reputation for giving back.

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Why Legends Sports Media?

  • Simplified Sponsorship Buys
  • Customizable, Industry-Specific Packages
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Aggregated Assets of Multiple Sport Properties
  • Expert Knowledge of Advertisers’ Needs
  • Online Buying Experience

Why Sport Sponsorships?

  • Increase Brand Awareness & Visibility
  • Showcase Community Support
  • Create Brand Loyalty
  • Drive Retail Traffic
  • Competitive Advantage for Lower Budgets
  • Outstanding Value & Return on Investment
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