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Local sports programs are a great way to help children stay physically active, but it takes resources to run a good program. If your company is looking for ways to become involved, sport sponsorship is a powerful marketing tool you can use to keep kids on the playing field.

When you support youth sports programs with your advertising dollars, you make a positive impact on communities. Consumers do business with companies who support them, so sponsorship helps you build loyalty for your brand while building your corporate reputation for giving back.

Our grassroots approach is strategic

Community Involvement
  • We cultivate a broad network of properties, so your investment impacts more communities.
  • We provide detailed market research so you can make an educated buying decision.
  • We aggregate sport sponsorship opportunities at the collegiate, high school, and youth levels so you can customize and purchase packages online.
  • We make our pricing transparent so you can make your advertising budget go farther.

Sponsorship simply does more

Community Involvement
  • Programs with sponsorship funding invest resources in players, so more kids have access to play youth sports.
  • Brands advertising at sports properties reach a wide demographic, so they’re recognized by more consumers with a greater range of incomes.
  • Companies investing in sponsorship earn community goodwill, and customers do more business with companies they respect.

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In their 2016 Innovation Summit Executive Summary, the U.S. Surgeon General’s Office states that the benefits of physical activity go beyond improved health. Participating in sports positively impacts a child’s social and intellectual development, and helps youth learn teamwork and leadership skills they can use throughout their lives.

For lower-income families, money is often the barrier that keeps kids on the sidelines.

Community Involvement
Community Involvement
Community Involvement
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